Understanding Syllabus

Everyone, from graded ballet classes, Primary and up who would like to participate in a festival class with their peers is required to take syllabus.

If you are away for one or two days due to day trips, you are asked to take syllabus for the days that you are in town and supplement with semi-private lessons. If you are out of town completely, you are required to take the syllabus but will need to take private lessons (which work out to be far more expensive than syllabus).

A bit of history on syllabus.  As you know, Kirkwood dancers enjoy a lot of success at festival and exams.  We have a wonderful reputation for being well prepared and for dancing with joy and confidence in all performances. We owe that in part of our amazing faculty but this success is also due to the well-tried formula we have had in place for 30 years – where children prepare for the year with syllabus week in August. It is successful because of the knowledge they learn over that week “sticks” with the dancers. We are a busy school and those ~10 lessons at syllabus help us to fit everything into our year. It is purely a technical week so dancers get back into training and also improve their technique. Come September, it is noticeable when dancers have missed syllabus as they struggle to learn the basics taught to them during that week.  This is hard on the struggling dancer as well as on the rest of their classmates as they cannot proceed at an equal pace.

All privates and semi-privates must be arranged through Bev or Carolé only.  If you are away and need to sign up private lessons, please email registration to sign up.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Keeping up the high standard of the school for the benefit of the children is our pledge to you. My motto is “You don’t have to win but you have to feel good about yourself. ”

The children can do this by being well prepared and well trained.

If you have any questions please email and one of our admins will help you with registrations.  if you have questions for me, please email carole@kirkwoodacademy.com.

Thank you,