At any age, dancers are able to learn and perform solo, duet or small group choreography if they are ready for the challenge and hard work!  This is a wonderful way to make dance personal to the dancer and to further grow their confidence, technique and love for dance.  Usually a dance is learned over 3-5 choreography sessions in summer or fall.  At each session, the dance is filmed by the parent for the dancer to practice between sessions and then leading up to performance.

Dancers have a variety of opportunities to perform solos including:

  • NIFPA held in Courtenay
  • Kirkwood Pre-Festival Gala
  • Shine
  • Versastyle
  • Summit

Our Kirkwood faculty can provide choreography for our students.  To learn more about each faculty member and the genres available for choreography, please visit our 2024 Faculty page.

Please note cost vary and are handled directly with the choreographer (not included in the monthly dance fees).