Kirkwood Academy utilizes an online management system called Dance Studio Manager (or DSM).  We offer several payment plans and payment methods to suit everyone’s budget.


  • credit card (charged automatically on the 15th of each month Sept-May)
  • cheque (must be post-dated for Sept 1-May 1)


  • credit card (charged automatically on Sept 1, Dec 1 and Mar 1)
  • cheque (must be post-dated for Sept 1, Dec 1 and Mar 1)


  • credit card charged Sept 1
  • cheque dated Sept 1
  • etransfer sent before Sept 1

Yearly with 5% discount*

  • credit card payment before Aug 1, 2020
  • etransfer received by Aug 1, 2020
  • etransfer sent by Sept 1

*In the event any class is dropped, client will lose the 5% discount off of all classes.


  • All classes must be paid for according to the above schedule.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Credit card payment plans must have a valid credit card on file. NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Regardless of whether a card is set to on/off, it will be run according to the above CC schedule
  • Overdue accounts may be subject to a monthly late fee
  • We do not discount or prorate classes for dancer illness, vacations, activity conflicts etc
  • Costume fees are billed $80 deposit per choreography group on October 1.
    • $60 goes towards the costume and $20 goes towards rehearsal and administration
    • Any additional costume costs will be charged to DSM once costumes arrive
  • In the event of a temporary closure due to COVID-19, all classes will continue via ZOOM format.  ZOOM classes are mandatory and payment schedules will continue.
  • All dropped classes are subject to a one-month cancellation fee.  Costume and festival fees are non-refundable.