Kirkwood Consignment

The KPTLC Consignment store is a volunteer service provided to Kirkwood families. The consignment store allows families to sell gently-used items on consignment and to purchase other items for your dancers. The service also allows the KPTLC to provide bursaries to a wide variety of dancers at our year-end show.

All items put into consignment are sold and 25% is kept back for bursaries and year end awards.



If you have gently used dancewear that you would like to place into consignment please complete the following instructions:

  • Check clothing and shoes over before bringing in. We no longer accept un-laundered, permanently stained and/or ripped clothing/shoes.
  • We do not accept costumes into consignment (only shoes and dancewear such as bodysuits, shorts, yoga wear etc). If you have shoes or costumes that you wish to donate, we will accept them – THANK YOU!
  • Ensure you complete a clothing tag for each item of clothing/shoes. Ensure this has both your name and your child’s name on the tag (this enables our treasurer to correctly address cheques and file them accordingly). We also recommend that you label each shoe that is consigned with a small piece of tape as the tags sometimes are separated from the shoes (but please use a tag as well!).
  • If you child no longer dances at the studio, you must leave a self-addressed stamped envelope with one of our consignment volunteers and as cheques are run, your cheque will be mailed to your new address.
  • There are ABSOLUTELY no returns or refunds in consignment. Please purchase items that you are confident will work for your dancer.
  • 25% of all sales are kept in consigment for bursaries, events, productions and to broaden our costume room. Cheque runs are done every term during the school year.
  • Under NO circumstances is any item of clothing or shoes to leave the consignment room without being paid for. If you are unsure of sizes please bring your child to try them on and do not bring unpurchased items out of the room.

Our consignment coordinator is Mei.  If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in the consignment room please email