The Kirkwood Early Beginnings program is for boys and girls ages 3 to 6 in Preschool, Pre-Primary and Primary dance levels and aims to instil the love of dance in students from a very early age.  It was created by Carolé Martyn, principal of Kirkwood Academy, and has been continued and build upon by her daughter, Bev, who teaches our littlest dancers today.  Along with her Royal Academy of Dance teaching certification, Bev has earned a Bachelor of Education from UBC, with a focus on early elementary.  She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and a special understanding of this age group as she is, herself, a mother to her two young daughters.  She truly enjoys helping our littlest dancers learn basic dance technique and grow in their understanding and love of music and dance.

Some of the learning outcomes for the Early Beginnings Program include:

  • basic ballet and tap technique which they will continue to build on throughout their dance life
  • listening skills (gaining an understanding of music, following the teacher’s steps, being patient waiting and watching peers and trying to implement feedback)
  • spacial awareness (leading and following on a “train”, standing on a line, making circles and free dancing without knocking out a neighbour!)
  • independence and confidence (practicing simple steps individually in front of peers, showing off their learning on parent watch days (and in Pre-Primary and Primary, to our “special guest” in a small exam, and performing choreography in front of an audience in the studio and on stage at the Year End Show in the first week of June)

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Early Beginnings Director

Beverley Martyn

Bev Martyn BSc, BEd, ARAD RTS

Classes in our Early Beginnings Program include: