Good evening,

I would like to congratulate all of the talented Kirkwood students who have been chosen as Provincial “Representatives” by various festivals.  Representatives from 34 festivals across the province will perform at the Performing Arts BC finals, also known as the “Provincials” at the end of May.  This year Provincials will be held in Victoria. The most promising young performers from each regional festival are recommended to the Provincial Festival where they compete and participate in adjudicated sessions, master classes, coaching, workshops and technique classes with some of North America’s finest adjudicators. It is a very great honour to be chosen as they represent not only the festivals but also have the full support of their studio and their hometown to cheer them on.  We are so very proud of our students who will be representing Kirkwood Academy this year:

  • Junior Ballet Rep: Naiah Kulla (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Ballet Rep: Sophie Philip (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Ballet Rep: Kayla Henry (CMF)
  • Intermediate Modern Rep: Jessica Langelier (PRF)
  • Junior Stage Rep: Abigail McCorquodale (VDW)
  • Intermediate Stage Rep: Emma Leigh (VDW)
  • Intermediate Stage Rep: Abby Dishkin (UIMF)
  • Senior Stage Rep: Ashlie Forbes (UIMF)
  • Junior Classical Voice Rep:  Zoe Chow (UIMF)
  • Junior Musical Theatre Rep:  Britta Olesen (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Musical Theatre: Charles Hartnell (UIMF)
  • Senior Musical Theatre Rep:  Ella Olesen (UIMF)

As well I’d like to congratulate the Provincial Alternates (runnerups):

  • Intermediate Ballet alternate Abby Dishkin (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Musical Theatre rep (declined) Jessica Langelier (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Modern alternate Jessica Langelier (UIMF)
  • Senior Modern alternate Ashlie Forbes (UIMF)
  • Intermediate Stage alternate Jessica Langelier (VDW, UIMF)
  • Senior Stage alternate Ashlie Forbes (VDW)

Finally a big shout out to Merited Participants:

Merited participants (formerly called observers) are invited to attend provincials to hear and watch amazing performances, participate in workshops and perform in a free Future Stars concert that is separate from the PABC adjudicated workshops/performances.

Vocal Section:

  • Abigail McCorquodale, Mercedes Ascui and Serena Zhang

Ballet/Modern section:

  • Lauryn Rogers

Stage section:

  • Jenna Homan, Hunter Cook, Lexie Harley, Tatum Johnson,


This year, the UIMF Dance Gala will be April 7th at the Port Theatre.  We are beyond excited to announce that 13 group dances were selected from our studio to perform in this highlights performance.  Please join me in congratulating the choreographers and dancers in the following performances:

Can’t Wait To Be King       Bev Martyn                        Character
Hard Knock Life                  Bev Martyn                Variety
Tribal                                  Chantelle Norris                 Modern
Enchanted                         Chantelle Norris                 Ballet Demi-Pointe
Mercy                                 Michael McInnes                Jazz
Versus                                Chantelle Norris                 Modern
Opaque                              Sarah Switzer                    Ballet Neo-Classical
To Build a Home                Michael McInnes/Karley Gill               Lyrical Jazz
There’s Still Fighting         Michael McInnes/Karley Gill               Contemporary
Perticor                             Chantelle Norris                Ballet Neo-Classical
Broken                                Chantelle Norris                 Modern
Love Galore                       Timothy Allen                     Tap
Simiko*                               Chantelle Norris                 Pointe

Simiko also received the adjudicator’s choice award for most entertaining choreography, UIMF ballet section 2018.

We hope you are having a pleasant and restful spring break and look forward to seeing everyone back next Tuesday